What is Freight Logistics Management?


A brief history of commercial logistics

In the past, “logistics” has been largely associated with military campaigns. Procurement, maintenance, transportation of materials and personnel along supply lines were part of what is now called logistics. During World War II, the participating armies developed and used various models of logistics systems to get the materials to the right place when needed. Currently, the term logistics is widely used to define the activity of material, technical and medical insurance of troops (feeding, equipment, supply of equipment and materials of all kinds), including transport and accommodation. In the age of globalization, along with industrialization and development of trade, the logistics has acquired new values ​​with many benefits for the administrative and organizational processes of the business world.

For example, facing dramatic changes in the mid-1980s, the commercial maritime industry adopted logistics management strategies and solutions to optimize costs and keep pace with competition. The companies that have adapted have come up with cost optimization solutions, have adopted more complex and at the same time optimized supply chains. In this sense, companies have come to coordinate in detail the complex operations that involve many people, facilities, diversified goods – this is the definition of logistics.

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